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Pictures from Spring '00 semester

Group pictures
Here is a group picture of our last day of class. We had a party at "Sensei"'s house. Everyone brought a great tasting dish and we had lots of fun. Dr. Gil Rana, who was kind enough to volunteer his time to talk to my class about doctors, medicine and vitamins earlier in the semester was able to join us.

Dr. Rana and ladies
Dr. Rana imparting his wisdom to the attentive students.

Ryoko and Hanako enjoying good food and good company.

Hanako, Miho and Akiko. I think Akiko is concerned about Kooma taking her lunch. Kooma is well trained, so be assured that he won't! Oh, but he will think about it, I'm sure.

Mmmmmmmm ... Time for Dessert! Mayumi is all for it!

Yoko and friends
Here is Naoko, Reiko and Kayo.

Yoko and friends chowing. It seems that is the only thing we did on our last day!

Yuko and friends
Kooma and friends
Yuko and friends

Kooma keeps hoping that Akiko will offer him some goodies!! No, no.. not in the Living Room!!

Here our class is on a field trip at our local Jewel in Mt. Prospect. General Manager Dennis Goorsky and Front Manager Judy were both very helpful and kind. We conducted a tour of the store on the main floor and we had a question and answer period in the conference room upstairs. They provided us with coffe/pop and a tray of cookies. Everyone learned something new from this visit. Groceries stores offer different services in the US compared to Japan.

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