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Pictures from a tour at the Police/Fire Station in Mt. Prospect, IL, April 9, 2004

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Here we are listening to Officer Friendly, Officer Bill Roscop. I am translating on the side. We are in the Mt. Prospect Police Station Conference Room. This semester, my class is very small, with only 3 students. I wanted to have a good turn out for the tour, so I invited other students from our Read To Learn Program at Dist. 214. Since our tour fell on Good Friday, there were many children off from school and were able to attend with their parents. For those of you who attended our Tour, I have many more pictures that were taken this day.

I had 120 pictures to choose from. I had a very hard time deciding on which pictures to put up on the web site. I must apologize for taking so long to finally getting these pictures up. IF you are interested in seeing more of the 120 pictures, I would be GLAD to show you more pictures. Just email me and we can make a date to see them. I must thank my friend, Dr. Gil Rana. He was there taking pictures as well, and the pictures were quite excellent. He donated copies of pictures to give to you, so if I have your picture, I would like to give you some of those pictures. Thank you Gil, from all of us.

We are visiting the front desk of the police station. Here we can talk to police officers when we call the "non-emergency" number, and they are there to greet us when we come to the station. They also have many monitors so they can watch the station house and the jail area. They also have computers that tell them were the patrol cars are in the neighborhood.

We are in the booking/jail area. Poor Miyuki Ito, we arrested her for not paying attention in class! And I couldn't resist putting in the mom and baby picture. It was so cute.

Next we visited the fire station area. Firefighter Jim Miller was our tour guide. He showed us all the equipment and told us all about fire safety. Chiaki tried on a firefighter's uniform. Her son, Koichi thought it was so COOL! It is very heavy. With all the standard equipment it can weight 65 lbs.

Here is a picture of my class with Office Bill.

Kyoko has been arrested by her husband!! Her crime? She stole his heart!!

There are two group pictures in front of the fire truck.

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