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  • Learn English online for free - english@home - This is a very nice website. I suggest you join them and receive a newsletter regularly. I also urge you to contribue your writings.
  • THE ADULT LEARNER'S PAGE - Here is a site where you can find MANY different websites to go to for learning. There are links to ESL, Math, you can build a newspaper, and much more.
  • Dave's ESL Cafe - Looks like a LOT OF FUN! I recommend that you try this website for learning English on the Internet.

  • METROMIX.COM is a GREAT place to find things to do in Chicagoland. You can check the times of your favorite movies, check the Theater schedules, and even get directions to the event.
  • RAVINIA FESTIVAL is Wonderful! It is recommended that you visit Ravinia this summer. It is a music festival that begins June 7th and continues everyday for the entire summer. They are located in Highland Park, only 40 minutes from Arlington Heights. If the weather is nice, call Ravinia for lawn tickets, take your family and friends and bring a picnic blanket and food and drink. You will enjoy a beautiful summer evening surrounded by wonderful music. This festival is very popular, so go a little early and take your time driving. Check the schedule on their website.
  • The Daily Herald - You can find many local information here. Perhaps you can locate events in your neighborhood, or look in the classified section for garage sales or furniture for sale.
  • Pioneer Press - is newspaper with many branches.... go to the bottom left side, and click on the arrow by Pioneer Press Online, and find your town. If you click on "go" then.... you will get your local newspaper. There are many wonderful events that are happening right in your neighborhood! FIND THEM and enjoy your stay in your neighborhood.
  • METRA Schedule - You must choose the "Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line" showing a destination "Harvard" to make sure you look at the right schedule from Palatine, Arlington Hts., Mt. Prospect.
  • Dist. 214 Community Education - Find the Classes that you want to take in Dist. 214. You can even plan a trip with the travel section, or attend a concert or a play.
  • Illinois Tourism - You can order free brochures online here!
  • Naper Settlement - Step back into time. Here is a place where you can see firsthand what Illinois was like 150 years ago!

  • NORTH AMERICAN TOURISM - Here is a list of links to the States' Tourism offices for each state (towns). If you click on Official "State" Tourism Bureaus, you will see a list of all the addresses and phone numbers and fax numbers of the tourism offices for each state. You can MOST OFTEN call or fax or email to request FREE tourism information from that state.
  • Wisconsin Dells
  • Bristol Renaissance Faire is only 45 minutes from Arlington Hts. They are open only on weekends from June to August. It is a lot of fun.
  • Michigan State Tourism
  • Locate a Bed & Breakfast - around the US, Mexico, Carribiean and Canada too.

  • Jay Bee's Home Page - Mako-chan lives in Chicago area (she is my student) and she has a wonderful Japanese website all about her adventures in Chicago and her trips around America. She also gives you good advise about living in Chicago. Go see her page.

  • BLUEMOUNTAIN.COM - Send FREE greeting cards to your friends by email. If you go to the bottom of the home page, you can choose to send it in Japanese too!
  • Famous Birthdays - Find out which famous person shares your birthday!!
  • CHICKEN DANCE is just a cute website to see.


Visit the website of your Village to get some useful information. Get a schedule of festivals, parades and other events. Find out about road construction and other scheduled maintenence. Find out where to go to pay your vehicle stickers.

If you would like me to add your village here, or would like to add another link that will interest our students, please contact me - Debby Pizzato

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