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Pumpking Farm & Christmas Party Pictures 2000

Cabbage finder
Cinderella picture
Cabbage Finder

We all want to be in a fairytale.

camel ridec
taking a break
We talked Miyuki and Yoko to go for a camel ride. They ended up enjoying it very much.

Taking a break and having a drink

Hay Ride
Everyone went on a Hayride around the corn field.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the pumpkin farm today.

Christmas party 2000
Now which pumpkin should we buy?

Christmas party 2000!!

Kooma Dancing
Hisako, Akie and Miyuki
Kooma is Dancing for Etsuko and her daughter

Hisako, Akie and Miyuki are having a good time.

Daley Center Xmas Tree

Chicago Cultural Center
Tiffany Dome Ceiling

We went Christmas shopping downtown Chicago. As part of the shopping tour, we went to Marshall Fields, Chicago Cultural Center, Watertower Place and the Daley Plaza. The Chicago Cultural Center is a beautiful building to visit. There are free tours available daily, and they have events scheduled there for the general public all the time. The picture on the left is our group in front of the Daley Plaza Christmas Tree. To the right on top is a picture taken at the Chicago Cultural Center, and below that you see a Tiffany dome ceiling in one of the grand rooms at CCC.

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