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My Trip to Brazil! - July '04-   (updated 7/26/04)

My Trip to Japan! -Jan.'04-   (updated 1/29/04)

See My Family Pictures!   (updated 1/13/04)

See My Old Family Pictures from Japan!

See Pizzato-Rigoni Family Reunion Picnic 2003
Also see about our upcoming 2004 Reunion.

See My Canine Kids   (updated 2/5/05)

Pictures of My Friends   (updated 1/13/04)

Visit my "American Living for Japanese Speaking Students" class

Visit our "Read To Learn" website

I volunteer for RECYCLED ROTTS INC as their webmaster: go see what I do for them.

As of 4/10/05

Totoro in the Rain
My Neighbor Totoro

This is one of my favorite Japanese Animated Movies. It's wonderful to watch in Japanese, and I understand it is out in English too. If you are interested in Japanese Animation, visit a popular Animator at his fan's web page.
Hayao Miyazaki Home Page

Kiki Flying
Majyo no Takkyuubin

This also is another favorite of mine. I don't know the name of the movie in English, but the title means the witch and her parcel transport service. You have to see the movie to appreciate the title even. Go to Hayao Miyazaki Home page above. This is one of his movies as well.

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